Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve is a game that tells the story of adam and eve. The game is simple and easy to operate. You only need to control Adam, the character of the game, to take risks, to avoid all kinds of obstacles and dangerous animals, to find the place of heaven, and then to find Eve and be with her.

How to play Adam and Eve

Enter Adam and Eve game, you follow the system instructions and carry out proper operations. In the whole game operation, you only need to click on the things that need to move and can make them move. For example, when you first enter, you can directly click on the stone in front of Adam, and the rock can roll away. The road is flat. Click on Adam again, and Adam can move forward and complete his progress. In the next game, you only need to pay close attention to the interface to help Adam avoid danger, so that Adam can reach heaven and find Eve.

Adam and Eve game features

When you first enter Adam and Eve, the system will assist you and teach you how to play the game. There are many dangers in the game. You need to control Adam nimbly and let him finish the task successfully.

Adam and Eve game controls

  • Left click to interact with an object.

Of course, you can continue to play other versions, such as: ADAM AND EVE 2 or ADAM AND EVE 3.

Adam and eve is an adventure journey. You need to help Adam to find heaven and Eve. This journey is destined to be extraordinary.  It is also not a simple crossroads. You need to let it pass through the intersection, bypass the train, and stop staying there for too long. Only in this way can you keep safe on the road, otherwise you will be killed.

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